About Us

UNIBEST International

UNIBEST, the short form of UNIversal Bioavailability Environmental/Soil Test, was established in 1995 to target the advantages of a new Patent for ion-exchange resin testing within agricultural and environmental markets.  In 1999, following several years of focused scientific studies, UNIBEST International worked with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) so that the company could access PNNL’s state-of-the-art Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory to proceduralize its analytical and laboratory methods. The company also teamed with the Agricultural, Business and Commercialization department at PNNL to expand its research & development capabilities and complete those activities necessary for market introduction. Today, UNIBEST and PNNL cooperate together in a formal Mentor-Protégé Agreement.

For the last eighteen years UNIBEST has been providing farmers, agribusiness, environmental managers, and home garden consumers with monitoring products and data that are suited for their own unique application – whether that be to optimize crop management, understand environmental contamination, or grow a healthier backyard plant.  In any case we are a trusted resource, diligently helping our customers succeed.

UNIBEST develops and implements sustainable solutions

“Increased governmental regulation concerning environmental issues will greatly affect the agriculture industry in the near future. Annual pesticide build-up is driving increasingly strict environmental regulation. Increased governmental regulation is also increasing in the oversight of water application in irrigated settings. Rivers and streams once primarily used for agriculture are now being reserved for environmental purposes to the often-perceived detriment of the irrigated acreage. Ground water use is being restricted to protect water tables in many areas. Nitrate leaching is coming under greater scrutiny. Nitrate concentrations in ground water, through over application in agricultural settings have become a concern in many communities.” 


Where we are Today...

Today, UNIBEST is a worldwide leader in soil testing and environmental monitoring.  We are developing new and innovative solutions for the next generation markets and we are committed to working diligently with universities and other academic and research institutions to ensure scientific methods form the cornerstone for commercial acceptance.  Besides our long-standing ties to academia, we have developed strategic alliances with a host of industry-leading partners and product distributors such as MidWest Soil Management, LLC and WinField Solutions, a Land O' Lakes company.  And relationship with WinField has recently spawned the innovative NutriVision™ technology.

UNIBEST resin technology is being deployed on all continents excluding Antarctica – from timber farms in Sweden to research facilities in Japan, wineries and vineyards in Washington state, tomato and other vegetable farms in Mexico, potato farms in the Pacific Northwest, and rice fields in Vietnam. .