UNIBEST’s Predictive Technologies are The Future of Precision Nutrient Management

Leaders in Predictive Agriculture

Predictive Data Feeding Precision Agriculture

UNIBEST's Predictive Nutrient Intelligence (PNI) Data Engine converts raw field data into actionable recommendations through soil release and fertilizer response data by soil type.

PNI provides highly valuable data input and transfer for digital/Precision Ag Platforms operated by world-wide Agri-Service companies.  PNI will utilize AI/Machine Learning and Augmented Visualization/Reality to help solve todays challenges.

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Move Beyond Making Reactive Nutrient Management Decisions

With Predictive Nutrient Intelligence™ by UNIBEST International

UNIBEST's incredibly accurate measurements are the ground truthing components linking critical weather, soil, application, and crop data to yield, quality, sustainability and ROI.

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Match Products and Rates to Meet Nutrient Uptake Demands

UNIBEST Predictive Nutrient Intelligence (PNI) is directly quantifying nutrient stewardship efforts through PREDICTIVE Soil Measurements and nutrient application response data that match soil and product nutrient release characteristics (lbs/Ac/Day) to crop specific demands (lbs/Ac/Day).

Components of PNI:

UNIBEST Ag Manager™ soil testing allows you to measure your soils available nutrient release and model against crop specific demands. Try-Before-You-Apply™ allows you to apply products and rates to your soil(s) in the lab prior to applying to the entire field to determine best-fit products and rates to meet site-specific goals and objectives.

Making Predictable Decisions Possible

“It's not the total amount of nutrient in a soil, but that soil’s ability to release those nutrients at a rate that matches plant uptake demands at critical growth stages”


- Kristopher J. Borgman, President of Agronomy

The Best Measurement  for Nutrient Stewardship 

Read More About The 4R's

The 4R Nutrient Stewardship Initiative is founded upon the model of using the right products, at the right rates, in the right place and at the right time. The grower has very few resources to easily quantify and evaluate these practices to determine which products, rates, quantities and placement is best for them without the information provided by UNIBEST’s Platform Offerings. Many products/soil amendment offerings are built on conceptual data and may work in some specific soil types, but may not necessarily work in every growers particular soil. Growers, Agronomists, Distributors and Product Developers can now leverage the same measurement tool to answer and quantify all components of the 4R’s of Nutrient Stewardship.

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“I have used the UNIBEST resin technology for over 4 years as a leading indicator to plant health.  It has helped confirm or lead us in the direction and goal to increase yields and profitability while maintaining our desire to be an environmental steward.  UNIBEST has given me answers to questions that no one else in the industry is offering.”


– Jim Goss, Director of Farm Management, Atkins Group