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UNIBEST Laboratory

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The UNIBEST Labs Advantage

  • One Method

  • One Extraction for all analysis, regardless of soil type 

  • None-Hazardous waste stream  

In 1999, following several years of focused scientific studies, UNIBEST International worked with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) so that the company could access PNNL’s state-of-the-art Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory to proceduralize its analytical and laboratory methods. Today, UNIBEST and PNNL cooperate together in a formal Mentor-Protégé Agreement. UNIBEST also teamed with commercial agri-business to expand its research & development capabilities and complete activities necessary for market introduction.

Systems & Services

Automated Laboratory Systems

  • Laboratory systems with throughput and space requirements

Methods and procedures

  • Proven procedures and methods for all systems

  • WERA 103

Data and Reporting Integration

  • Utilize access to our proprietary reporting and algorithms to generate cutting edge reporting

Systems & Services
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UNIBEST Laboratory 
William A. Grant Water & Environmental Center
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