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UNIBEST Ag Manager

Predictive Soil Testing & Modeling



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“ Its not the total amount of nutrient in a soil, but that soil’s ability to release those nutrients at a rate that matches plant uptake demands at critical growth stages”


- Kristopher J. Borgman, President of Agronomy

UNIBEST Ag Manager™ Resin Soil Testing is proving to be the leading indicator to plant nutrition through critical soil release measurements modeled against crop nutrient requirements in Lbs/Ac/Day. This PREDICTIVE measurement focuses not on the soils total nutrient level (lb/ac), but that soils ability to release those nutrients at rates that match Plant Uptake Demands (Lbs/Ac/Day).

Yield and quality is being left in the field by not leveraging this critical measurement that is now commercially available after years of University Research.  Start building soils to release nutrients that match specific crop demands throughout the growing season.

Published research from plant measurement's provides data associated with crop acquisition requirements (lbs/Ac/Day) necessary at specific growth stages.


To Maximize yield & quality, crops depend on soils to supply specific levels of available nutrients at key growth stages to match nutrient uptake demands.

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Crop Nutrient Acquisition Rates Lbs/Ac/Day

Current fertility analysis methods  often provide reactive information to make decisions in-season.


UNIBEST PREDICTIVE PRESCRIPTIONS offer growers the ability to build soil nutrient release ahead of time to meet critical crop demands.

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UNIBEST Ag Manager™

UNIBEST Ag Manager™ blends specific crop nutrient acquisition requirements with predictive soil level release characteristics to provide the precision data required for the future of precision agriculture.

Standard Soil Analysis Results Compared to UNIBEST Ag Manager™

What management decision would you make with only the standard soil data?

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Although the 1108 and 1113 ALP Soils have substantially different K values quantified by conventional extraction methods, the ability of the two soils to supply available K in a fashion that matches plant uptake demand are quite similar.

Bridging The Gap

UNIBEST Ag Manager™ bridges the gap between the two conventional testing methods by revealing only the plant-available portion of the total nutrient pool.

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UNIBEST Ag Manager™ Predicts Tissue Nutrient Levels

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Get Started With 

UNIBEST Ag Manager™

Sample Collection & Preparation

Collect Soil From Field/Zones

  • Sample depths should represent the Effective Rooting Zone

  • (Area in-which 75% of the rooting mass will occupy at peak uptake)

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Send sample(s) to a licensed UNIBEST Ag Manager™ Laboratory or acquire UNIBEST Ag Manager™ sample kits to prepare your own sample(s).

When the UNIBEST Laboratory receives your soil sample(s), qualified technicians use the proprietary UNIBEST Laboratory Method to provide a consistent and repeatable analysis.


One Method, regardless of soil type.
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Make Critical Fertility Management Decisions 

UNIBEST will provide you with all of the required information to make critical decisions for improving soil quality and plant health. Data is available for variable rate applications and correlates with the 4R Stewardship for determining the Right Source of fertilizer, applied at the Right Rate, at the Right Time, and in the Right Place.

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Crop specific report formats

Non-crop specific report formats cover the Majority of crops and nutrient requirements

UNIBEST Ag Manager™ Report

File Formats: PDF, Excel, Modus & CSV 

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Let UNIBEST Ag Manager™ Help You Achieve

Your Next Yield Goal

Industry Leading Soil Nutrient Data From The Farm

        •   Zone or grid samples of the effective rooting zone

        •   Pounds per acre per day (lbs/Ac/Day)

        •   Pounds per acre (lb/A) measurement of available


Nutrients Value Added Understanding of Nutrient Deficits/Requirements

        •   Maximize soil(s) available nutrient status to match crop

             growth demands

        •   Predictive indicator to a plants nutrient status later in the


Nutrient Recommendations to Maximize Yield & Quality -

Delivered Through:

        •   GIS software partnerships

        •   or Data directly from the laboratory

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