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With so many products available in the market, how can you quickly evaluate their potential on the soils you manage? UNIBEST’s Try-Before-You-Apply™ platform offers a quick look into the nutrient availability of products on the soils you directly manage.



Platform screens current and new products on your Field-Moist Soil in the laboratory before applying to the entire field(s):


  • Quantify nutrient availability after products have been applied to your field-moist soil

  • Evaluate site-specific performance In days or weeks, not months or years

  • Save time, money and truly maximize ROI

  • Reduces risks of wrong products application rates and/or timings

  • De-risk the initial investment of evaluating new products and rates on your soil

How It Works

Step 1. -  Soil From Your Field or Zones

Step 2. -  UNIBEST Applies Your Products & Rates

Step 3. -  Report Results for Available Nutrients

Step 4. -  Make Critical Fertility Decisions

Maximize The Value​

  • Quick inexpensive evaluation of products and recipes

  • A tool for agronomists and certified crop advisers to properly position products by soil type response for their growers and specific geographical regions.

  • Aligns with and precisely guides the 4R’s (Right Products, Right Rates, Right Time, Right Location)

  • Tests can involve biologicals, inoculants, soil conditioners and/or fertilizers. 

  • Precision data to feed precision ag and variable rate applications (product response and rate adjustments by field or zone)

Case Example

2 Soils (Zones 1&2)

2 Products/Recipes

1 Rate

Actionable Results Specific To Individual Growers Needs

Get Started With


Acquire Try-Before-You-Apply Kit

Supply Soil From Field/Zone(s)

Supply Products & Rates

Ship to The Lab

Results In 7-10 Days

Some customized studies may require longer turnaround times

Download The Entire Try-Before-You-Apply Booklet Here:

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