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Soil Savvy

Lawn & Garden Soil Testing


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Know What

Your Plants Need

Accurate, Easy-To-Use, & Provides 

Fertilizer Recommendations Tailored To Your Soil

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Fresh Organic Vegetables

The Soil Savvy Difference

Revolutionizing Home Soil Testing

Stop guessing and start knowing what your plants need!


Not your run-of-the-mill soil test!  Our innovative process makes you a SMART gardener.

How It Works

Soil Test Like A Pro In 3 Easy Steps

Using Soil Savvy is quick and easy! Simply place a portion of your soil into the provided Soil Savvy container and mail it in the provided pre-paid postage envelope.

Once your Soil Savvy is analyzed by the UNIBEST laboratory, your results are available via email or on our website.

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