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Seamlessly Provides Answers to Each of The 4R’s

“ Its not the total amount of nutrient in a soil, but that soil’s ability to release those nutrients at a rate that matches plant uptake demands at critical growth stages”

How It Works

In natural soil environments plant roots release Hydrogen (H+) and Hydroxide (OH-) Ions in exchange for available nutrients in soil.  UNIBEST Ion-Exchange Resin Capsules (IERC’s) release these same ions in exchange for available nutrients in your soil.  Once nutrients from the solution phase are adsorbed by the IERC, the H+ and OH- then exchange for available nutrients on soil exchange sites. This measurement goes beyond just the solution phase and provides critical predictive data associated with the soil’s ability release available nutrients to match plant nutrient acquisition requirements (Lbs/Ac/Day).​

  • UNIBEST Ag Manager™ only adsorbs nutrients from the soil if they are in forms & amounts available for root uptake.

  • UNIBEST Ag Manager™ values reflect the active, dynamic components of each soil medium & its Bioavailability systems as it functions over time.

  • Methods that extract soil chemicals with other chemicals do not reflect how elements in a natural soil environment respond to continuous removal by biological activity over time.​

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Field Moist Soils

UNIBEST IERC Analysis uses Field-Moist Soil Samples to quantify nutrient availability.  Conventional soil testing methods of drying and grinding soil samples changes the physical and chemical characteristics of a soil.  These conventional tests provide a great foundation for the total amount of nutrient in a particular soil, but do not reflect the ability of that soil to release nutrients at rates that match plant uptake demands at critical growth stages. ​

What's The Difference In The Data?


Different than conventional chemical extractions that measure the total amount of nutrient that might be available, UNIBEST IERC’s measure the release of available nutrients and their ability to match crop acquisition requirements at key growth stages in Lbs/Ac/Day.  Published data for crop  acquisition requirements (Lbs/Ac/Day) have been available based on plant measurements, but we now have a tool to measure this at the soil level.  UNIBEST IERC’s are a PREDICTIVE MEASUREMENT to a plant's nutrient status in the field by weeks.

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Laboratory Analysis

UNIBEST uses one extraction method  for all samples globally, regardless of soil type or pH.  The influence of soil pH, biology and mineralogy on nutrient availability is directly measured by the quantity of specific nutrients in the resin sample. 

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